Sunday reading for December 15, 2013:

Image Credit: <blog.ebyline.com

Image Credit: <blog.ebyline.com>

1. Ann Bares has a great post up on Compensation Cafe highlighting a problem many organizations are facing at this time of year: How to create meaningful pay differentiation between top and average performers when managers are often gaming the performance review process in order to win the largest possible increases for their direct reports. Bares correctly points out that in order to truly align pay with performance, organizations must force their managers to objectively balance the needs of their reports with the needs of the organization. This is a good read, and you should check it out here.  

2. HR pro Tim Sackett has a solid post up on his blog about GM hiring longtime company executive Mary Barra as CEO. Much has been made about the fact that Barra is the first woman to take on the CEO mantle at a large automotive company in history. This fact is certainly an important milestone that our society should celebrate, but Sackett goes a step further in bringing attention to another facet of her hiring that should serve as cause for celebration: Mary Barra is also a former VP of HR. As those in the profession know, HR is one of the most siloed professions around; as such, spending time in the function can at times be an albatross around the neck of an HR executive aspiring for the top job at his or her company. With that said, GM’s move here might signal a potential sea change in the way that HR leaders are viewed from a capabilities standpoint: We are probably a long ways away from former HR people becoming CEOs as a norm… but if Barra hits this one out of the park who knows what the future may hold? Check out Sackett’s full article here.

3. TLNT’s John Hollon recently shared CareerBuilder’s list of highest paying, highest demand jobs for the coming year (among other things he also touches on the importance of workforce training and the ABC’s of people management at struggling companies). Check out Hollon’s post here.

4. HR consultant and freelance writer Crystal Spraggins reminds us that while employees may respect and admire their employer, they each have their own agendas that may or may not align with that of their organizations. Spraggins shares an interesting anecdote about the employer/employee relationship at a Pennsylvania based mill to drive this point home which I think in and of itself makes this piece a must read. Check it out here.

5. …Finally, I’d like to share this Linkedin post (and video) from Conan O’Brien that I hope inspires you to keep learning and pushing yourself. As Conan (in typical Conan form) shows, we should all continue looking to get better

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