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Image Credit: <ambersmithink.blogspot.com

Image Credit: <ambersmithink.blogspot.com>

Sunday reading for December 1, 2013:

1. Laurie Ruettimann has a rock solid post up on The Cynical Girl reminding us that we impact more of our professional world than we often like to think. It is easy to blame a bad work environment on your boss – and maybe he/she is a jerk. Before jumping to that conclusion, however, it might be a good idea to look inward first. Read Laurie’s full post here

2. As talent pro R. J. Morris explains in a recent Fistful of Talent post, the pre-interview is a great way to weed out unsavory candidates by getting them to show you who they really are. It’s easy for most people to be impressive when they are trying to impress; conversely, a person shows who they really are by their actions when they don’t think anyone is looking. With this in mind, learn a pretty neat trick that you can use to see a candidate’s true colors here.

3. Over at TLNT, blogger Todd Nordstrom shares a tragic but powerful story demonstrating the dangers of standing still in your career for too long. He also talks about the importance of leaving everything on the table before making a choice to leave, and finally gives some advice on how to identify when it’s time to let go. Read his full post here.

4. Swiss voters recently resoundingly rejected a referendum capping executive pay at that of 12 times the lowest paid worker. As HR columnist Suzanne Lucas lays out here, this was terrible legislation that (had is passed) would have adversely impacted the economy of Swizterland and set a bad precedent for the region as a whole as it concerns how to compensate executives. Thankfully, in the end cooler heads prevailed and the measure was defeated.

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