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I would ordinarily post this Thursday (as is our custom with infographics), but tomorrow is a holiday and I have something else planned for it. Ergo…

…While it’s no secret that I love the topic of compensation, I generally don’t write much about the gender pay gap. This is mostly because an awful lot has been written on the subject already; so much in fact that I just don’t 1. I did write one post on the pay gap a few months ago; however, I was mostly focusing on the fact that to have true equality in the workforce we need to also have more equality as it concerns job duties on the home front.have a great deal to add. 1

From what I’ve read, the gender wage gap seems to be driven by some combination of differences in male/female lifestyle choices and discrimination (there is also some evidence that women are less likely to ask for raises than men).

…With that said, a deep dive into the sociocultural factors that contribute to disparities in pay between men and women is well outside the scope of this post; instead, today I want to share an interesting infographic highlighting recent changes in women’s earnings relative to men’s earnings (and also showing a few particular instances where women significantly outearn men – notably occurring on a regularly when women are younger, single and childless).

Check out the full infographic below (and share any thoughts in the comments section):

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