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Image Credit: <www.careerealism.com

Image Credit: <www.careerealism.com>

This morning I was reading an interesting post from entrepreneur and investor James Caan. In it, he outlines some best practices around reaching out to your manager about a raise. It’s an interesting article, and you can read the full thing here.

…With that said, getting that larger-than-expected-raise (you’re probably getting a small one anyway) boils down to four questions that your manager is asking him/herself when you broach the request: 

1. Can I afford to lose this person?

2. Will giving a raise here cause compression issues?

3. Does he/she deserve it?

4. Do I have the money in the budget?

Three of these four things are largely outside of your control, and with this in mind I don’t think there’s any harm in asking. If you’re really underpaid relative to your peers and/or the market, a good manager will do whatever is possible to correct for this over time.

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