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Sunday reading for November 24, 2013:

Image Credit: <pruneddownandbranchedout.blogspot.com

Image Credit: <pruneddownandbranchedout.blogspot.com>

1. John Maxwell over at www.johnmaxwell.com has a great infographic up highlighting what he describes as “the five levels of leadership”. I’m down at level 2 of 5 right now, but hope to one day climb higher. What level of leadership are you at? How can you get better? Check out the full post here and give it some thought. 

2. Change.org President & COO Jennifer Dulski has a great post up on Linkedin touching on the dos and don’t of how to get promoted. I think the most powerful part of the piece is the way that Dulski articulates the non-linear relationship between an official promotion and skill development. Many people believe that they need a formal promotion to get opportunities. In point of fact, however, when you are ready for the next level of responsibility there are multiple ways to start performing at that level. Learn how to seize the moment by reading the full article here.

3. I’ve talked before about the importance of networking. As such, I was very much engaged by a recent Fast Company piece wherein author Lydia Dishman conducts an interview with one of the greatest networkers around today – business innovator and author Nilofer Merchant. Learn from the best by reading the full thing here.

4. Iconic business journalist Maria Bartiromo is leaving CNBC to join the Fox Business Network after spending more than two decades with the organization. It’s being reported that one of the reasons Bartiromo ended her long-term relationship with the network was a sense that she had run out of her career opportunities there. You can read the full story here. I’m sharing it because I think it’s a great example of why it’s important to never take your star performers for granted. No matter how long a top talent has been with you, it’s important to constantly keep them engaged with new development opportunities. If you don’t, there’s often someone else right around the corner that will.

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