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Image Credit: <commons.wikimedia.org

Image Credit: <commons.wikimedia.org>

…As a recruiter, over time one becomes well versed in the art of selling location. When reaching out to passive candidates – particularly if they’re not local – I have a handy list of facts that makes whatever city I’m recruiting for a great place to live. Sometimes the key selling point is that it’s a wonderful community in which to raise a family, others it’s that the cost of living is very low… and other times I cite low taxes, amenities or culture…

Sometimes? A city just isn’t very nice to live in at all… In those cases to get someone to move you have to offer either exceptional career opportunities or a lot of cash.

With that said, this morning I was looking at two lists of best expat cities to live in. These are places that sell themselves due to their incredible economic opportunities, rich cultural experiences, and wonderful communities in which to raise children. My top five are below (the why will have to wait another day as I’m out of time), but check out the full lists of top expat destinations in the links above.

1. Singapore

2. Zurich  Switzerland

3. Sydney Australia

4. Thailand

5. Shanghai, China

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