will always be in exact proportion to our service.” – Earl Nightingale

Image Credit: <www.loveaquote.com

Image Credit: <www.loveaquote.com>

The first job I accepted out of school offered significantly less in total annual earnings than the highest offer I had on the table. Despite being a huge extrinsic rewards guy, I had a very good reason for accepting the offer despite the salary… but the money definitely bothered me at the time.

With that said, the hiring manager at the time said: “This is the most we can move without creating compression issues, but if you come in and perform for us we will pay you for it accordingly.” 

That stuck with me, and to this day (whenever I believe it to be true) I say something similar to a candidate if he/she expresses concern about the offered salary and the hiring manager doesn’t have anymore room to move for “X” reason.

…If you are contributing at a high level then that will get noticed and you’ll be compensated accordingly. If that doesn’t happen then go work somewhere else, but first put in the work. Don’t have an entitlement mentality. No one owes you anything that you haven’t earned; and you seldom earn anything just by showing up.

Keep that in mind as we get started this week. Are you giving 100% today?

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