Image Credit: <www.theguardian.com

Image Credit: <www.theguardian.com>

Sunday reading for November 17, 2013:

1. Somehow, I’m just now reading this post from NY Times best-selling author Dave Kerpen, but it’s a real gem. In the piece, Kerpen highlights the 11 concepts he thinks leaders should be focused on if they want to become better at their jobs. How many of these traits and concepts do you implement into your management style? Are they all value added? Let me know in the comments section below.

2. Tech writer Joshua Brustein has written a great piece on Yahoo’s move to a forced ranking system. The piece is critical of the move, but studies show that over the first 2-3 years that a forced ranking system is implemented the average quality of hire improves. Yahoo has been criticized for having a larger than needed headcount in the past… so if implemented on a short term basis perhaps this may help to improve the collective performance of the workforce? Read the full article here and decide for yourself.

3. Korn/Ferry International CEO Gary Burnison has a really interesting post up on Linkedin; in it, he suggests that a clash of company cultures was a major reason Snapchat turned down Facebook’s $3 billion dollar all-cash acquisition offer. Personally, I believe the recent success of Twitter’s IPO (market cap of around $24 billion as of this writing) has more to do with the spurn than anything else… but Burnison makes some compelling points. After reading his piece, i think it’s fair to say that cultural considerations played at least some role in the decision to decline the offer. See if he can convince you as well after reading the full piece here.

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