César Vásquez Lizárraga

César Vásquez Lizárraga is a Business Analyst at Popular Community Bank. He has an MBA, General Management and International Business from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a BS, Finance from Iowa State University. César is passionate about market research and data analytics. You can find him on Linkedin here

1. Most job postings cite “X” years of relevant work experience and specific education criteria as requirements to be considered for the position. With this in mind, what prior work experiences and degrees/certifications/training helped prepare you for your current role?

I am a very analytical person and I have had jobs that were more analytical than others. For instance, I worked for MetLife as a Financial Analyst and I worked for State Farm as an Analyst. However, prior to those experiences I worked in the cruise line industry where I worked more in the customer service side by partnering with travel agents to increase the profitability of the organization I was working for. Certainly, my B.S. in Finance and the MBA have given me a strong foundation, but I am fortunate to have had many experiences that together have shaped me into the professional that I am today.

1B. What (if any) additional knowledge or skills that you don’t currently have would make you even better at your job?

I believe that the more experience I gain in the banking industry; the better I will be at my job. I was in the insurance industry for a while so I had to adjust to a new industry.

2. Some jobs require the incumbent to be very analytical. Others require one to be a strong communicator, and others still require traits like patience, the ability to multitask, self-directedness, comfort with ambiguity, and exceptional attention to detail. Are there any behaviors and/or attributes that you would say are essential to performing the work that you do?

I believe that all of the attributes mentioned in the question are very important to do well in my position as a Business Analyst. Certainly, the analytical attribute would have an edge over the other attributes. However, all of the attributes have to work together in a positive and productive manner in order to succeed.

3. Jobs guru Lou Adler says there are only 4 job types of jobs in the world (producers, improvers, builders, and thinkers). Which type of job are you in?

My job contains all types to a certain extent. I have to be a “producer” because there are reports that I need to prepare on a given basis. I also have to be an “improver” because I like to be a proactive person who is looking for ways to implement better workflows. I also have to be a “builder” when dealing with projects where innovative ideas are needed. Finally, I also have to be a “thinker” as I support the Executives for implementing product and pricing strategies. 

4. Does your job involve either directly or indirectly supervising or managing people? If so, how many direct (or indirect) reports do you have?

I do not manage people, but I do support many people from other departments who rely on the reports I prepare. 

5. How does what you do impact the business? Think complexity (different types of impacts) and scale (degree of impact). Put another way: Who and what would be impacted if your job wasn’t being done well, and why would it matter that they were impacted?

I believe that everyone in my organization has an important role. From the teller to the CEO. We are all a team and we have to collaborate to succeed and increase our competitiveness. What I do has an important role in the marketing department as I support senior management with their strategies which have a key role in the overall vision for the company as a whole.

6. Is your job safe? Rate its safety on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being “seated all day in an air conditioned vault” and 10 being “I’m an astronaut going into space”. If your job isn’t safe, what working conditions (specifically) make it hazardous?

I feel very safe at my job. The facilities are modern and I have a comfortable chair. 

7. Is there anything I missed that people should know about your job? Is there anything else you want to say about what you do?

I really enjoy my workplace. I would encourage everyone who is trying to transition into a better fit for their careers to never give up. 

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