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Image Credit: <allthingsnav.navigation.com>

Late yesterday evening a colleague came to me seeking guidance on an employee relations issue. After initially giving the colleague one answer on the spot,  I got back to my desk and – after deciding my first answer wasn’t quite right – provided a different answer via e-mail… only to wake up this morning and realize the e-mailed response itself was also only partially right.

I immediately set out to write an amended response… before it dawned on me that I needed to slow down. The problem with my first two responses is that when my memory of the facts was cloudy, rather than sorting through things before replying I instead gave the best answer I could at the moment.

Prior to this morning I have learned this lesson before, and I imagine that perhaps I may one day need to learn it again… but eventually it will stick: Particularly in HR, it is almost always better to be accurate than fast. 

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