Image Credit: <newspaperdesign.in

Image Credit: <newspaperdesign.in>

Sunday reading for November 10, 2013:

1. Josh Bersin at Deloitte has a great post up on Linkedin that touches on the importance of learning to be your best self, professionally. Throughout our careers we all gain significant insights and experiences that impact the way we do our jobs: With that said, our personalities and cultural legacies uniquely influence the way those experiences shape our future performance. With this in mind, Bersin explains why it’s important to learn to be your best self; mimicking what someone else did to become successful is one of the surest ways to fall short of your full potential. This is a must read – check it out here.

2. Career coach Richard Kirby tells a story of two job markets in a great Business2Community post here. Did you know that (according to Kirby) between 60 and 80 percent of employers may not consider unemployed candidates for their openings? For this reason (and others outlined in the piece) it is critical that even if unhappy in your role you have something else lined up before moving on.

3. New York Magazine writer Kevin Roose recently wrote a great piece outlining the major reasons that Wall Street is losing the talent war to tech companies like Google and Facebook. Brand equity, company culture, and earnings upside are just a few of the reasons that banking and finance aren’t as hot as they used to be. Find out the other reasons contributing to the exodus of top talent from banking to tech – and how Wall Street may be able to get it back – here.

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