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Image Credit: <www.dallasblog.com

Image Credit: <www.dallasblog.com>

Sunday reading for November 03, 2013:

1. Hunter Walk (currently a partner at Homebrew VC, and perhaps best known for his work at YouTube, Google and Second Life) has a great post up on Linkedin about the importance of establishing your company culture as early as your first hire. It’s easy to focus on a candidate’s skill set when building your team – particularly in the early stages when teams are small and strong performance from everyone is absolutely critical to business survival. In practice, however, having a team aligned on both values and vision is perhaps the most important thing of all in determining a startup’s success: A people of shared purpose are a people positioned for positive outcomes. This one is a must read. Check it out here

2. Entrepreneur and investor James Caan recently wrote a great post on the importance of embracing failure. Caan talks about the value in analyzing and growing from failure as opposed to being ashamed of it: As someone who spent the beginning of his career terrified to fail, I share Caan’s view on the importance of casting your fear aside and pushing yourself as hard and as far as you can. Find the courage to pursue that which is precious to you; don’t hold back another moment…  and if you need some more inspiration check out Caan’s full piece here

3. Eric Friedman has an interesting post over at Blogging4Jobs listing some of the most common resume lies (as cited by a 2011 SHRM study). Did you know that 53% of all applicants tell a lie on their resumes, and that 80% of all applicants are misleading in some way on their resumes? Find out what applicants lie about (and how how to spot said lies) in Friedman’s full post here.

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