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Image Credit: <www.mastermindmentor.com

Image Credit: <www.mastermindmentor.com>

So this morning while browsing Youtube, I came across a video demonstrating the potential of the norm of reciprocity:

…Many of us see this in action every day. People hold doors open for one another in succession, give bigger tips to smiling waitresses, and beget thank yous with thank yous.

What I find most interesting about this pattern of behavior, however, is that while these actions often start off as isolated individual responses to human kindness, over time they often morph into cultural norms within a population: i.e. if one person holds a door open for the person behind them everyday, often times eventually everyone starts doing it – it just becomes part of what people do.

I say this to say that ultimately, we all have the ability to impact our company cultures in a positive way by the way we treat our co-workers. As civil rights icon Mahatma Gandhi once said; “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

If you succeed in doing this, tell me how it goes.

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