Sunday Reading HR 10 27 2013

Sunday reading for October 27, 2013:

1. “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” …This iconic quote from American industrialist Henry Ford exemplifies the challenge facing many students today as it concerns belief in their ability to be good at math. To this point, as University of Michigan economics professor Miles Kimball and assistant professor of finance at Stony Brook University Noah Smith explain in a recent Quartz piece, intelligence (and the ability to be good at math) is highly malleable; your results will ultimately be the result of what you contribute to learning the subject in the way of effort. Check out their article here to learn more about why the biggest thing holding most people back in the pursuit of math or any learning endeavor is most likely their limiting beliefs about what’s possible.

2. Paul Hebert has a great piece up on Symbolist explaining that work/life balance are really a thing of the past. We are always checking our e-mail and voice-mail; work doesn’t stop when you leave the office anymore – that ship has sailed. In his post, Hebert gives us some historical context behind how the idea of work/life balance came to be (and why it’s gone away) and shares a vision on what work/life balance will (or should) look like going forward. This is a must read. Check it out here.

3. Finally, I don’t know if you can still register for it or not, but if you can I highly suggest signing up for the MOOCAn Introduction to Financial Accounting” taught by Wharton professor Brian J Bushee. The course has made up a big chunk of my “Sunday Reading” for the past few weeks, and I’d encourage you to check it out if you’d like a good intro to some general financial accounting principles (or perhaps like me you just want to brush up).

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