Image Credit: <1funny.com

Image Credit: <1funny.com>

From the top, here is my Sunday reading for October 13, 2013:

1. Ann Bares has a great post up on Compensation Cafe talking about the power of negative incentives. In her piece, Bares cites a study from Kellogg Professor Kelly Goldsmith that claims negative incentives are often a more powerful performance driver than positive incentives. Bares goes on to disagree with the point, but I don’t think it’s clear cut: I’m speaking anecdotally here, but the most powerful incentive I ever experienced came in the form of an employer health insurance premium increase for not participating in an annual blood screening. My employer wanted everyone to participate in a (free) annual blood screening, and incentivized employees to take part by billing non-participators an extra $600 per annum. Ergo, while I personally had no energy around the blood blood-screening program, the cost of not getting one was prohibitive enough that I participated. With that said, as Bares’s points out in her piece, not all motivation is the same: Check out the full read here and form your own opinion.

2. InternMatch founder Nathan Parcells has a great article up on Blogging4Jobs explaining why it’s a smart business decision for organizations to invest in a Data Scientist for their HR departments. He does a fantastic job of demonstrating the value add here, and I especially like the real-world example he gave demonstrating the power of data in driving business for his own firm at the end. Check the full read out here.

3. Finally, perhaps not strictly an HR post, but I found this Linkedin post from Jones Lang LaSalle CEO Colin Dryer listing the world’s most expense office locations pretty fun. It probably won’t surprise you that Beijing. London, and Menlo Park made the list, but Moscow? Who knew?

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