Image Credit: <www.history.com

Image Credit: <www.history.com>

Today is Columbus Day, so I imagine as a practical matter the number of 1. If you are in fact off today and reading this I would encourage you to immediately do something else.people reading this is down by a considerable factor. 1 To this point, having in fact spoken to several U.S. based peers about the subject I can anecdotally say that about 50% of their companies observe all 10 federal holidays.

…As a practical matter, the decision to observe a federal holiday by an employer is going to come down to its particular operational needs. From a strictly HR and general management perspective, however, the fact that most federal employees have the day off – as well as the closure of many schools, banks and post offices – makes conducting business difficult. Many employees will call off if they can’t find a babysitter for their children, and transactions with various institutions and outside vendors that recognize the holiday are also often delayed.

…Conversely, many companies that have employees work on a federal holiday 2. I’d personally rather have Christmas Eve off.due to operational needs recognize another day off instead. 2

Does you company observe all 10 federal holidays? Why or why not? How do you feel about it?

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