Image Credit: <www.123rf.com

Image Credit: <www.123rf.com>

From the top, here is my Sunday reading for October 13, 2013:

1. Jobs guru Lou Adler discusses what the latest economics and jobs reports tell us about the current state of employment in the U.S. There is a lot of great data here, but I was particularly intrigued by Adler’s postulation that outstanding candidates aren’t taking enough risks in their careers as it concerns seeking external opportunities: He believes talented candidates should be less fixated on compensation/job security and more focused on learning and development. Agree with him or disagree, there is a lot of value to be had from reading the full article here.

2. Work Psychologist Dr. Marla Gottschalk discusses where boundaries should begin and end in an employer/employee relationship. Finding the line between engagement and intrusiveness is not easy, but Gottschalk shares some thoughts here to help guide our thinking. Check out the full article here.

3. UCSF lecturer Steve Blank has a great piece up on Linkedin that anyone considering getting an MBA would do well to read. Depending on the sort of work you want to spend your career doing, the ultimate value of the MBA can vary significantly (this goes back to the job type concept that I often discuss on this blog). Read the full article here.

4. Finally, this (2011) article from Malcolm Gladwell about the value of college rankings is a must read for anyone that works with data on a regular basis. It challenges us to think about the utility of one-size-fits-all rankings, and encourages us to think critically about what we’re trying to measure when comparing things. As a passionate data guy I loved this one.

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