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Image Credit: <www.forbes.com

Image Credit: <www.forbes.com>

…Just a few errant thoughts this morning:

During my time in Human Resources I’ve seen all sorts of management styles: One sort that has always fascinated me, however, is the authoritarian micromanager. This person lords over every action his or her direct reports take with little tolerance for deviation from direction.

For much of my career I’ve been flatly opposed to this style of supervision. Personally, I’ve always believed that the best way to manage direct reports is to assume competence, give them your confidence, and make them prove you right or wrong on both counts via work performance over time.

…Still, lately I can’t help but notice that sometimes micromanagement is extremely effective. Not every employee (or workforce) can self-direct; in these instances sometimes the best results come not from letting people utilize independent discretion and judgement, but by taking it away in lieu of getting the job done the best way.

I’m not saying micromanagement is by any means the best way to lead a team – the lack of autonomy can kill employee engagement (which has long-term retention implications).

It can (at times) produce some seriously great results, though.

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