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Image Credit: <blog.newspaperclub.com

Image Credit: <blog.newspaperclub.com>

I’ve gotten a monstrously late start today, but here are a few highly recommended articles to finish out your Sunday (evening):

1. Media Rostra Editor-at-Large Ben Ponder recently wrote a great piece on the difference between skill development and problem solving ability. Many U.S. educational institutions are geared towards training students to develop technical skills that will allow them to perform siloed work. Conversely, those same institutions mostly do a poor job of teaching their students how to think critically. At core here, Ponder is saying something really important about the American education system and its ability to develop a workforce that can think (and what that means for how competitive our talent will be on the global stage going forward). This one is important, so check it out (really). The full article is here.

2. Continuing with our learning theme, I’d encourage you to read this piece from Compensation Consultant Ann Bares: In it, she points out that many HR professionals fail to critically examine much of the industry relevant information they consume in order to ascertain its accuracy and relevance. Bares goes on to cite medical school as an example of an arena where practitioners are taught to critically examine and interpret the validity of new research findings (and to assess their results for practical application in their own work). By being more skeptical consumers of information, they not only better serve their customers but also themselves as professionals. Many of us in HR could learn a lot from their approach.

3. Finally, Human Resources Consultant Chris Fields has a great post up at SmartRecruiters espousing the merits of a well designed, engaging m-site that makes it easy for job applicants to apply for relevant positions via their smart phones. I am not a huge proponent of streamlining the online application process just for the sake of increasing applicant volume at the margins (if a candidate is *really* interested in a job they aren’t going to be dissuaded by having to fill out a few extra forms), but I recognize that when sourcing for high churn and/or entry level roles, the process needs to be simple and engaging or else you lose people that might otherwise be strong applicants. Check Chris’s article out here.

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