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Image Credit: <www.123rf.com

Image Credit: <www.123rf.com>

I was recently part of an investigation into a workplace misconduct incident. Like any good HR person, I didn’t come into the investigation predisposed to one particular side; but after hearing from a few parties I became convinced we had all of the facts needed to take corrective action.

Fortunately, the senior member of the HR team was *not* yet convinced. At his behest, we continued interviewing everyone involved (or that could have possibly been involved) in the incident. As we continued to interview people the full situation took on a new dimension – a markedly different one than the prior interviews alone depicted.

…I consider myself to be a fairly objective person. I seldom take sides, and I typically err on the side of caution. During that investigation, however, I made the mistake of assuming I had all of the facts because everything seemed to fit after speaking with several of the parties involved.

Relatively small things can dramatically change the shape of the bigger picture though, so get every side. See things from every perspective.

The last side of the story is often what brings everything into place.

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