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Sunday Reading 9 29 20131. Wharton professor Adam Grant writes a great article on why the traditional Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) needs to be modernized in order in order to remain relevant in today’s data-driven world. I enjoy personality assessments (and value them as a tool when evaluating job and 1. It also has an outstanding Harry Potter infographic.organizational fit). I also love data and metrics. This article is rich in all. 1 You absolutely have to check this one out here.

2. Compensation consultant Ann Bares has a great post up that touches on some of the challenges intrinsic to profit sharing incentive plans. As we discussed last week, rewards can quickly become entitlements. Bares’s post drives that point home here: More specifically, a business doesn’t have to be doing poorly for its rewards plan to become unsustainable; when it’s time to grow to the next level profits that may have otherwise gone to shareholders and employees (in the form of dividends and bonuses) often need to instead be relocated back into the business. With this in mind, Bares gives suggestions on how to tide over employees that have come to expect incentive payouts during a capital reinvestment phase. Check out this outstanding read here.

3. Despite being a component of the job evaluation process at many large cap companies, ERI consultant Jim Brennan reveals that span of control has little if any impact on pay. While headcount may intuitively seem to have compensable value, the complexity of an individual role and its scale as a factor of financial impact on an enterprise are much more telling indicators of job worth. Brennan has some good insights in his full post here.

4. Margaret O’Hanlon of re:Think Consulting frankly (and correctly) states that the average projected U.S. merit increases for 2013-14 are unlikely to leave most recipients feeling either recognized or rewarded. As O’Hanlon goes on to point out, however, organizations that acknowledge this reality and address employee concerns honestly can make what is likely to be bitter medicine much more palatable. Read the full post here.

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