Image Credit: <www.houzz.com

Image Credit: <www.houzz.com>

1. As part of my ongoing deep-dive into logic, probability, and big data (all of which are going to play an ever increasing role in understanding and quantifying performance management, reward, and recognition going forward), I’ve been 1. As Devlin describes it, mathematical thinking is the ability to take a new problem, then identify and describe key features of the problem mathematically, ultimately using that mathematical description to analyze the problem in a precise fashion.learning about mathematical thinking 1. This abridged reading from Introduction to Mathematical Thinking by Stanford’s Keith Devlin is a great introduction to the space.

2. There is a great post up on waitbutwhy.com about why much of Generation Y is unhappy. The author implies that at the root of this unhappiness is a sense of entitlement, unrealistic expectations, and illusory superiority. There is much in the article worth debating, and the author neglects to address some of the challenges unique to generation Y (like crippling student loan debt and the decline of paternalism that has historically given much of the workforce job security). With that said, the conclusions the authors comes to have some real weight. The author is also trying to say something truly important about the value of hard-work and self-awareness. Check this one out here. It’s a classic.

3. In a powerful read on the value of a Harvard MBA (or really any MBA) for women, John Byrne reminds us that building a life and a resume are two different things. It’s easy to look at education through the lens of ROIC, but learning is about more than the sum of one’s lifetime earnings. Among other things, a strong education helps make one a more well-rounded individual. A great education also gives one a rich cultural legacy to pass down to his/her descendants. Check the full post out here.

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