Image Credit: <www.123rf.com

Image Credit: <www.123rf.com>

1. Salvatore Giliberto at Peoplefluent has a great article up on transparent recruiting. Hiring the right people is as important as hiring people quickly. With this in mind, Giliberto counsels on the importance of communicating to candidates a company’s culture, clearly defining job duties, and setting expectations around performance and reward. Check out the full article here.

2. Christopher in HR recently wrote about the importance of recognizing that success is a marathon, not a sprint. At its core, this is a message about mental toughness and perseverance in the face of adversity. I found it very inspiring, and I’m hoping you do as well. Check it out here

3. Tim Sackett shares the dangers of having a “cool” boss, when what you really need is a boss that pushes you. The first time I managed direct reports I was guilty of the exact sort of laid back, hand-off management style Sackett describes as problematic. I had to learn through experience that it’s critical to define the reporting relationship if one wants to maximize team performance. When the going gets tough (and it will), being a “cool” boss only makes having the difficult conversations every manager must at some point have with reports harder than need be. To avoid making the same mistakes I did (and/or to recognize the signs of a boss that doesn’t push you) read Sackett’s full post here.

4. Peter Coy has a great article up on Businessweek about how traditional brick and mortal universities are in danger of being disrupted due to their high fixed cost and limited flexibility. More importantly, however, the article touches on the roles that online tools will play in education going forward – and they will be significant. Ultimately, brick and mortar universities will likely continue to be an integral component in our youth’s learning and development for years to come. As Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt says in the article, college “just produces a better adult.” With that said, in a world where technology is changing the KSAs required to be successful in the workforce at a faster rate than ever before, lifelong learning is paramount. Universities will continue to lay the foundation for our student’s success, but online tools and resources will provide them with lifelong learning supplements.

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