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What do you want HR

I talk about passion a lot on this blog. It’s kind of one of my life themes. This is because – having spent a large part of my early life doing and learning about things I wasn’t interested in – I know firsthand how much richer the world can be when you’re pursuing something you love.

…Unfortunately, having interviewed and coached my fair share of people as an HR professional I’ve come to the conclusion that many people don’t even know what they love to do… or else they know but don’t think they can make a living in that space.

What’s even more troubling is that it is very easy to believe you’re happy doing something if you invest a lot of time in it, so the longer you spend doing something that makes you unhappy the less capable you become of actually being happy.

Extrinsic rewards are a big part of life, but just as important to life are intrinsic rewards. With that said, no one can identify what makes you happy except you, so give it some thought.

It’s one of the more wonderful things you can ever do for yourself (and if you succeed in doing so, tell me how).

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