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How time flies! It’s Sunday again already. Here are 4 rock solid articles / posts for your reading pleasure:

1. This Harvard Business Review article on managing millionaires is over a decade old, but I had to share it. In particular, I love the lesson at the 1. Courtesy of ADM’s own Mike D’Ambrose.end 1 on how once money is off the table the only way to retain top talent is by engaging with them on an individual level and showing that you care about them as people. When money doesn’t matter anymore, much of work becomes about intrinsic reward. 

2. Liz Olson writes a great article on the value of choosing to stay with one employer. Professionally it is often very easy to see the grass as greener somewhere else – particularly on bad days. Sometimes the grass really is greener elsewhere, and when this is the case one should find the courage to move on to richer pastures. With that said, eventually we all find a role that makes us feel whole. In these instances the most pro-active thing we can do is to stay put. …Liz puts this all much more eloquently than I ever could. Read what she has to say here.

3. Chuck Csizmar outlines how to address an off-cycle employee raise request. This is a good one to read for anyone managing direct reports. If you flub this, you may soon be facing a retention issue when the employee submits his/her resignation to render services elsewhere.

4. Carol Anderson makes some great suggestions around how HR can more clearly define its value to business leaders. Too often the function is viewed as straight overhead (as opposed to a value added department). Much of this perception is driven by the inability of HR in many organizations to quantify what it adds (and to manage expectations). This is a really good read. Check it out here.

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