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Sunday Paper HR1. I read an awful lot this morning (the articles I’m sharing today were just the cream of the crop) and as such I started writing this post quite a bit later than is typical.It took me forever to get around to writing this up 1, but here we are. The must reads for Sunday, September 1st 2013:

1. IEEE Spectrum contributing editor, “risk ecologist”, and self-described “numbers junkie” Robert N. Charette writes a fantastic article on why much of 2. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.the STEM 2 crisis is blown out of proportion. More importantly, he outlines some of the larger problems that this largely manufactured crisis could eventually create in the workforce. This is excellent stuff. Deep yet concise, there is enough here to spend all day with it (there are tons of great embedded links) or a few minutes. Read it here

2. SmartRecruiters recently lead a panel on social media (and the way it has changed HR). I was fortunate enough to be included on the panel a while back, and this afternoon I finally had the opportunity to read what others on the panel had to say. I learned a lot from their insights (which you can read here).

3. Harvard Business School Professor Anita Elberse wrote a great post on why soccer player Gareth Bale is potentially worth 132 million dollars. There is some great stuff here on brand equity and winner-take-all markets that any HR compensation professional should enjoy. Check the full article out here.

4. This is almost a decade old, but in 2004 columnist Penelope Trunk wrote a great article on the importance of defining your brand that is so on point (and oddly timely in this job market) that I’m re-sharing it now. Learn why you need to define what you’re good at to maximize career success (and happiness) here.

5. Research Fellow Eli Dourado recently wrote a great article on binge learning. With accessibility to information greater than it has been at any point in human history it has never been easier than it is now to deep dive into a topic with reckless abandon. With that said, is binge learning a good or a bad practice? Check out the article and decide for yourself.

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