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Image Credit: <blog.personabubble.com

Image Credit: <blog.personabubble.com>

Jobs guru Lou Adler has a great article up on Linkedin about jobs types (read the full thing here).

In the article he states that there are fundamentally just four types of jobs in the world. He further notes that many roles are actually a mix of multiple work types, but that 1-2 make up the lion’s share of job duties and responsibilities.

The four job types are as follows:

Producers: these people execute or maintain a repeatable process.

Improvers: these people upgrade, change or make a repeatable process better.

Builders: these people take an idea from scratch and convert it into something tangible.

Thinkers: these people are the visionaries, strategists, intellects, and creators of the world, and every big idea starts with them.

In my Human Resources career thus far, my jobs have been almost exclusively a mix of producer and improver roles (though I did a lot of builder work in my consulting days).

Reading the descriptions above (again, you can read more here), which 1-2 work types would you say most describe the work that you do? Furthermore, what type of work would you like to do?

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