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Image Credit: <moradpour.com

Image Credit: <moradpour.com>

The other day I read some great articles from comp gurus Ann Bares and Josh Bersin on the subjects of paying for performance and retention, respectively.

Both were great reads (check them out in the links above), but they got me thinking about another issue:

Compensation is a hygiene factor for average employees, but pay needs to be significantly above median for top performers or retention becomes an issue. Ergo, any merit review process needs to begin with strong (quantifiable?) metrics that clearly define top performers from mediocre ones.

The issue here is that for most jobs it is either difficult, expensive, time consuming or all three to measure performance. 

What Metrics Does Your Organization Use To Identify Top Performers?

Or, more specifically (as the title says), What Does Your Annual Performance Review Look Like?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.



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