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Sunday Reading Man in Suit

I have six great reads for you this afternoon:

1. In our first article, Compensation Consultant Ann Bares examines a new take on pay for performance that suggests we should be spending most of our merit budgets on top performers (as opposed to the traditional “spread the wealth around” approach). This is a short read that links to the larger study it reports on (if you’re interested in a deep dive). Read it here

2. This one is funny because it’s mostly true. HRU Technical Resources President Tim Sackett shares all the things HR lies about (that you probably always knew about but could never prove). This is a fun read (whether you’re HR or have just had a bad run in or two with it in the past). Check it out here.

3. Christopher in HR reminds us that when making business decisions it’s important to consider the human part of the equation. This is something that every business leader would do well to remember. Read more here 

4. HR Pro Gemma Reucroft points out a simple truth about employee engagement at Blogging4Jobs. It’s a short piece so I’m not going to tell you what it is. To find that out you’ll have to read here.

5. Deloitte’s Josh Bersin has a great post up on Linkedin on the costs of poor retention (and how to improve it within your organization). As is typical of anything written by Bersin, the article has some great data and fresh insights. Check it out here.

6. Linkedin Community Manager Amy Chen shares a great post on why failure (and the ability to deal with it in a healthy way) is a critical component of ultimately creating wealth. Check this one out here.

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