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Newspaper HR

I’ve got four great articles for you today. Without further delay:

1. Tim Sackett brings attention to shrinking college enrollment numbers as evidence that employers will have to learn to make do with less. As older employees exit the workforce, expect salaries to rise for STEM graduates and flexible working hours to become essential to retaining top talent that would otherwise retire. This is one of the best reads of the week. Check it out here.

2. Forbes writer Jacquelyn Smith shares some great data about the graduating class of 2013. Find out more about their work experiences, job search strategies (hint: social media is key), and expectations about work here.

3. Jay Porter writes a fantastic post on how eliminating tipping at his restaurant improved service, the bottom line, and made his employees more money. There is some good data here, and a powerful lesson about reward and its impacts on performance. Read it here.

4. Lexie Forman-Ortiz tells us what candidates lie about, why they lie, and how to spot those lies in this fantastic piece over at SmartRecruiters.

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