Image Credit: <admissionblog.usc.edu

Image Credit: <admissionblog.usc.edu>

1. I’m aware of the fact that I ended my title with ellipsis but didn’t then finish the thought to start this post. I recently read an article where someone did this and wanted to try it out. You will have to read (or skip to) the end to find out what I learned.The past few weeks I’ve been working a lot. 1 I have enjoyed the work, but I haven’t really had time to do anything else.

I’ve cut out much of the daily learning and development I’d been doing around topics like executive comp/company SEC filings/project management/big data etc. Also gone is the majority of the engagement I’ve been doing on social 2. I leave it to you to decide if this has been a good or bad thing).media channels. My blog posts have gotten much shorter 2, and in general my work-life balance has become more work-work balance than anything else.

…Again, I’m having fun with it (if I wasn’t I wouldn’t do it), but lately I do find myself wishing I had a few more hours in the day.

48 hours ago I took this desire to its practical (or perhaps impractical) extreme. I put in a 14 hour day at work, came home… and didn’t go to sleep.

I didn’t decide to do this (not sleep) right away. I was playing with some data sets, the time I normally call it a night came up… and I just decided to stay up another hour. Then another. Then another. Before I knew it there were so few hours left before work that I rationalized I’d be better off just staying awake. It wasn’t like I hadn’t pulled an all-nighter before.

…This was a mistake. The primary reason being that while I’ve stayed up 24+ hours before, it had never been with the compounding effects of multiple 65-70ish hour work weeks on my body.

This time I needed that sleep.

…Yesterday wasn’t my least productive day ever by a long shot (i actually got a lot done). With that said, it was my most miserable by far. I magnified every problem, missed some things I normally wouldn’t, and – perhaps worst of 3. Everyone has bad days, but when we’re mentally sharp we tend to be better at hiding it.all – had awful body language. 3

…By hour 36 or so of my sleepless journey, I decided it was time to begin my voyage to bed. It didn’t take long for me to complete the trip into sleep either.

4. That’s the longest I’ve slept since I Was a teenager.Having now gotten a solid 12 hours of sleep 4 I don’t even feel particularly relaxed. Just alert.

48 hours later, I wish I could share with some profound lesson learned, but I don’t really have one. I feel…

…like the only thing I’ve gained is a great appreciation of the importance of sleep. Even if that means neglecting things you would otherwise do if you had more time (at least for a while).

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