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I’ve got five really good reads to share with you today. Let’s get right to the meat:

1.  This one isn’t really an HR article, but I want to lead off today with a post from Sara Gallagher over at Blogging4Jobs. She talks about the importance of Project Management as an educational building block. The facts we and our children learn(ed) in school are ever changing, and as such their value is fleeting. Much of what students are taught in grades K-12 today is useless in the real world. If you want to learn what you (and your children) should be learning and why then read Gallagher’s article here.

2. Paul Hebert over at the Symbolist reminds us that every person’s careers is a series of moments, and that it’s a mistake to judge anyone on just one. Gives this one a read here.

3. Dionne Lew over at Leading Company challenges us to accept uncertainty, applauding careful reflection as opposed to quick answers. By finding the courage to be comfortable with uncertainty, our leaders can make better decisions when faced with difficult problems. It’s the role of the HR Business Partner to be the voice of reason that forces managers to ask difficult questions, which is why I’m sharing this here today. 

4. Jim Brennan over at the Compensation Cafe reminds us that great innovation often comes from great imagination. Having a disciplined process to ensure controls is important; conversely, being willing to step outside of convention is often a useful – even essential – problem solving tool. The point? In HR we have processes in place to ensure rules and policies are consistently applied across enterprises. In HR fairness is the rule of the day, and yet through our constant focus on rigor we sometimes fail to realize we’re championing fundamentally broken systems.

…I’m not doing this piece the justice it deserves. Read it here.

5. I’ll wrap up today by sharing an article from Amanda Ripley over at the WSJ. Ripley looks at the way that private school teachers in South Korea are paid (by performance), and asks what if any lessons the American education system can take from this model. Anyone that loves compensation should read this one here.

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