Image Credit: <eofdreams.com

Image Credit: <eofdreams.com>

When I first began my career in HR, the day to day challenges that arose seemed at first like a singular steep mountain I had to climb – with victory/relief at the top.

Later, I came to understand challenges at work as a series of waves; always there… crashing down upon you one after the other.

…This is not a bad thing. The never-ending presence of these challenges is why HR is there. If there was just one thing to handle (and then calm), then the function – at least on the conflict resolution/people management front – wouldn’t be needed.

Ergo, it’s important not to be overwhelmed or demoralized by the perpetual swell of waves crashing at your door.

Embrace them. Ride them.

1. This advice is really true of most professions, but this is an HR blog so I’m going to take it to an HR space etc.It’s kind of what we do. 1

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