Image Credit: <overthemaze.wordpress.com

Image Credit: <overthemaze.wordpress.com>

At both work and in home/personal life, when faced with a difficult challenge it is often easy to fixate on the enormity of that task.

In doing this, however, we can defeat ourselves before we begin.

My personal experience has taught me to set wonderfully outrageous goals for myself and then keep moving forward. I don’t focus on the destination, just the process.

Success is (most of the time) a series of small actions taken that lead to results over time.

Whether you’re getting into great shape by exercising for an hour a day, winning over a unionized employee population (that’s historically been distrustful of management) by always being fair, or building a nice financial nest egg for the future by investing a percentage of your income each month (and allowing compounding interest to grow it over time), success is a process.

So don’t focus on the vastness of the task ahead, focus on the actions you need to take now to one day get there.

If you succeed in doing this, tell me how.

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