Image Credit: <www.hksyu.edu

Image Credit: <www.hksyu.edu>

Good morning, everyone!

I’ve been reading some great articles this morning, and (in Sunday tradition) would like to share some of the better ones with you today:

1. Christopher in HR shares his thoughts on the importance of collaboration in the workplace… and why (as value added as it is) leaders must take care to not allow that collaboration to lead to inaction. Really good read. Check it out here.

2.  In this tongue in cheek hypothetical dialogue between ABC executives debating the hiring of Jenny McCarthy, Corporate Staffing Director R.J. Morris shows us why it’s not always a good idea to allow the marketing department to dictate hiring decisions. It’s a fun, light read. Check it out.

3. Lisa Rosendahl shares some great best practices as it concerns contacting HR pros via social media (be it for a job search or other professional endeavor). As an HR pro myself, I can say that this is very good advice. It’s worth taking a few minutes to review.

4. Last but not least, Ann Bares over at the Compensation Cafe gives us a look at how growing accessibility to data could change the job valuation process forever. Comp nerds rejoice, for this is a really good one. Read it here.

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