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Image Credit: <talenttornado.com

Image Credit: <talenttornado.com>

…So I normally use this space as an opportunity to share my thoughts on various topics in HR.

Today I want to instead pose a question: How are recruiters using Twitter to source candidates?

I’m relatively active on the platform. I love using Twitter to share interesting content I read online, and also to engage with authors / thought leaders / other professionals in and around my industry.

Twitter is a great tool for meeting people and sharing information.

…The disconnect for me (as it concerns use of the site) is the recruiting process that is very obviously happening across the channel. I am not a part of it (yet) and do not understand it.

Case in point: Everyday I see postings for job openings in my feed. Typically a location, job title, and maybe 1-2 other requirements. Every once in a while a salary range is given as well. When I see these tweets, I often find myself wondering: Who is engaging with these messages?

71% of people with a Twitter profile have leveraged it in their job search. That’s a compelling number, and it tells me I should be using the channel to source… yet Twitter is a medium that – to me – seems better positioned to give actively seeking candidates a platform to engage with recruiters as opposed to the other way around.

…If I were looking for a job I would absolutely identify recruiters at my target companies (as well as headhunters sourcing for them), and touch base on the platform. As a recruiter? How exactly am I using Twitter to identify job seekers?

Further, how much value is there in connecting with a passive candidate? I would classify myself as passive. I’m not looking for a job, but when people reach out to me on Linkedin/the phone/e-mail I listen – if for no other reason than to pass the opportunity on to the rest of my network. Twitter is not an intimate platform, though. Tweets flow across my page almost as soon as they arrive. As such, almost all of the opportunities I see in my feed are noise. I’m on the site to network and engage around HR/social/marketing/brand etc. (as opposed to seeking employment), so the postings aren’t relevant to me.

…But maybe that’s the point. Twitter is another way for companies to be visible to job seekers. It’s another supplement to job boards, newspaper ads, Linkedin, Branchout etc.

…Or am I missing the larger value proposition here?

If so, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.



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