Image Credit: <free-3d-textures.com

Image Credit: <free-3d-textures.com>

I slept in this morning (so I’m getting a little bit later of a start on my Sunday reading), but let’s take a look at some of the more interesting articles I’ve read today:

1. This isn’t strictly HR, but it’s such a powerful lesson that I just had to share it. Drake Baer over at Fast Company writes a wonderful profile piece on designer Karen X. Cheng that illustrates the genius of hard work. A must read.

2. Laura Hong over at SmartRecruiters shares some wonderful recruiting videos that are as much about showing what the company’s doing them are about as they are about selling candidates on career opportunities. An organization that knows (and can explain) what they are has a great tool under its belt when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent. Each of these firms are excellent examples of what it means to know who you are.

3. John Hollon over at TLNT takes a close look at the value of monitoring employee engagement to businesses. Does it matter? If so, how much? My answer intuitively is to say that yes, employee engagement matters (a *lot*). But does it? The data here might surprise you…

4. Sara Gallagher does a deep dive into what a Project Manager is, what one should be paid, and why. If you have the comp bug like me then you’ll eat this up. Read it here.

5. Jason Pankow over at Fistful of Talent shares an article on why hiring stupid people can sometimes be a good thing (apparently because they don’t ask questions or challenge directives). I disagree with the conclusions reached by the study, but it was an interesting take on the value of pushing back. Read it here.

6. Finally, the always knowledgeable Sharlyn Lauby over at HR Bartender shares why in the world of business today, being a student of design is fast becoming as important as knowing your firm’s financials. This is a great article, and you should read it here.

Did you find value in any of the articles above? What else should I be reading? As always, please share your thoughts in the comments below.



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