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Image Credit: <www.johndehartblog.com

Image Credit: <www.johndehartblog.com>

…So in HR we talk a lot about subjects like “change management” and “cultural fit”.

With that said, today I want to share an interesting video with you. It’s a little 1. Politics is at the top of the list of things I generally avoid touching upon professionally in any context, but ignore the policy stuff here and focus on the concept.(a lot?) political 1, but at the heart of it is a powerful lesson about culture that I think every HR professional (and/or leader) should consider.

There is *no* such thing as a perfect system (political, corporate/private sector, or otherwise). Every organization is different. A company’s industry, values, history, and countless other things shape what they are and what they 2. …or – given the ever shifting nature of industries, organizations and their cultures with time – should I say cyclically?will ultimately 2 become. As such, effective change management looks different for every enterprise.

Every organizations’s values are to a certain extent impacted by its circumstances – which are fundamentally shaped by its people. An effective leadership team embraces this reality and develops the best possible policies with it in mind.

Further to this point, success comes in many, many different shapes and sizes. Ergo, our cultural legacies take us in as many different directions, and those directions eventually contribute significantly to the form that our success takes.

Exhibit A:

Challenge yourself. Consider the arguments made in the video about what success looks like (and what that means for your organization).

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