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Most people are a little happier on Fridays than they are the preceding four days of the week (I count myself in this number). The weekend is coming, and that means we can finally all do what we want

1. Perhaps it is more accurate to say “sometime before I woke up” as dreams and sleep have a timeless quality about them.This morning 1 I had a dream that is making me wonder if perhaps the above line of thinking is a fundamentally flawed way to approach life.

In my dream I was about 15 and writing a novel/novella. (I wrote a lot of both in my teens). I don’t know what I was writing about, but I couldn’t stop writing. I wrote from early evening to early morning, clacking away on the keyboard through tired eyes and blurring focus before sleep finally overcame 2. Dreaming about the moment you go to sleep is extremely surreal, in retrospect.passion, and I called it a night. 2

I still wanted to write some more.

This dream I had last night may have been as much memory as fantasy. Throughout my childhood and adolescence I spent many nights exactly like the one described above. Growing up, I often couldn’t wait to finish doing everything else so that I could get back to doing that which I loved most – telling stories. I may or may not have been very good at it, but it is what I loved to do most in the world.

…Work is called “work” for a reason – perhaps it isn’t supposed to be fun – at least not all the time. With that said, I think finding a way to bring the energy I described about my writing to the workplace is a goal worth striving towards for everyone.

How different would your life be if you couldn’t wait for the weekend to be over so that you could get back to work?

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