Image Credit: <interlaw.org

Image Credit: <interlaw.org

It’s Sunday morning, so here are some of the more interesting things I’ve read today:

1. Dan Walter uses some commonly cited statistics to suggest that we rethink employee engagement, executive pay, and pay for performance. Give the article a quick read here.

2. Heather Huhman at Blogging4Jobs shares some great insights on how to effectively manage former peers once you get that big promotion you’ve always wanted.

3. The folks over at Tomigo give insight into how the desire to “pay it forward” incentivizes employees to refer talent. Who knew it wasn’t all about rewards?

4. Karalyn Brown shares some of the more common issues nervous candidates encounter in job interviews here. If you’ve observed these behaviors in yourself then you’ve taken the first step towards becoming a better interviewer! Recognition of weaknesses is a key component of personal growth!

5. Kathryn Randolph outlines 4 key traits you should be looking for when hiring new employees here. I think all 4 are desirable traits to find in talent. With that said, do you agree with her suggestions on how to tease these competencies out in interviews?

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