Image Credit: <www.couponingtodisney.com

Image Credit: <www.couponingtodisney.com>

On Sundays I like to catch up on lots of things. Chief among them?

 1. This includes blog comments, my Twitter feed, and any messages on Facebook and Linkedin I’ve been ignoring all week.-E-mails 1


 2. Seriously, I sleep a lot on Sundays. There is nothing quite like waking up, seeing that your alarm clock says 12:30 pm, then saying to yourself; “Yeah… this is okay today.” I will never give this up.-Sleep2

Beyond all of the above, however, I also look forward to each Sunday as a tremendous opportunity to catch up on all of the wonderful HR articles I’ve bookmarked over the preceding week (but never got a chance to read).

…I write about HR Monday through Friday (and share videos about it on Saturday), so I’m thinking that going forward on Sundays I’ll spotlight some of the more interesting reads of the day (that will no doubt set the tone for what I write about over the course of the rest of the week).

Maybe this will work, or maybe it won’t. As always, please share your thoughts in the comments below:

1. Stephanie Hammerwold at Blogging4Jobs wrote a great article this week on the elements of a great job fair. Take a look here.

2. Suzanne Lucas shares some good advice around how to work with an incompetent boss. Even if you have a great boss today, it may be a good idea to file this one away for later down the line. You never know…

3. Ann Bares has a great article over at the Compensation Cafe on the importance of stepping back and understanding what’s really nagging your 3. Money can buy a lot of suffering in silence, but it’s an expensive fix to employee engagement and turnover issues.employees (as opposed to just throwing money at the problem). 3

4. Kristen Anderson over at Spark Hire has some solid advice around making sure that you find the right talent for your company when hiring new college grads.

5. Finally, Josh Bersin has some great data points and insights around the job market for college grads as a whole.



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