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Image Credit: <www.gooddata.com

Image Credit: <www.gooddata.com>

I have never worked at a company that utilizes social media channels in any meaningful way to recruit talent. It just hasn’t been part of the culture.

This is troubling to me mainly because I see the future, and it requires effective use of social media channels not necessarily to recruit top talent – but simply to get their attention.

This is fast becoming table stakes stuff.

1. I’m not.If I were looking for a job 1, the very last place I would look for an opening is a company’s website. I would first tap my own network, then look to Linkedin, Twitter, and finally Facebook. 

I am not unique in this approach. I have friends whose first stops when searching for position openings are company websites, but that number is dwindling. Over the years I’ve also seen this myself – when sourcing for positions exclusively through the papers and company websites, more often than not it is difficult to attract a high quality of applicant.

Another compelling reason for most organizations to invest into social recruiting is that even in instances where candidates do search for open positions on company websites, they are likely to primarily (or at least first) look at firms with high brand equity. Your Cocoa Colas, Visas, Apples, Malboros, ATTs, McDonalds, Googles and Microsofts of the world can post jobs online and be 2. I pulled most of those companies from here.flooded with applicants. 2 For small businesses (and even many large cap companies) with limited brand equity, however, relying on company websites is unlikely to yield either a high volume or high quality of candidate.

In this respect, an effective social media strategy (for both recruiting and building brand equity) is fast becoming an integral component of the candidate 3. Jessica Miller-Merrell has a great article touching on candidate experience at Blogging4Jobs (along with some other social media insights and best practices).experience. 3

What does the process of diving into social recruiting look like, though? Should an organization with limited history of using social dive in head first or test the water with its toes?

Tell me in the comments section below.



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