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Image Credit: <careergirlnetwork.com

Image Credit: <careergirlnetwork.com>

One of the most interesting things about blogging is that you often receive questions on the topics you’ve positioned yourself as a subject matter expert in.

When I first started writing, 90+ percent of the questions I received were around salary negotiation and / or how to get a raise. This made sense to me intuitively because I’ve tried to position myself as an expert on compensation.

Over time, however, an interesting thing happened: The questions around compensation tapered off. I still occasionally receive questions around comp, but nowadays most of the e-mails and direct messages I receive are tied to questions around interview advice.

1. I’m not. I have never positioned myself as an expert in this space 1, but I have interviewed enough people for enough different jobs at this point to feel comfortable giving one particular piece of advice:

One of the most powerful things you can do as an interviewee is to come into the interview believing – really, *really* believing – that you are the best person for the job.

This belief changes the whole texture and context of the interview. When I am interviewing a confident candidate I can’t help but take notice.

Pro recruiter Bonnie Ungaro talks about this phenomenon at The HR Life. Interviewing with confidence (like many things she talks about in the article) comes down to the notion of worthiness.

By looking to others for validation instead of ourselves – be they parents, friends, colleagues, bosses, or (in this case) interviewers – we subconsciously shift the power to realize our own destiny to others.

2. …though I suppose you can ignore the sparkling earrings bit in link number three. So follow all of this advice about interviewing. The folks sharing it are pros. 2 

…If you don’t do anything else, however, act like (and believe) you’re supposed to be there. When you do this many of the other interview best practices mentioned above have a way of (magically?) falling into place.

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