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Image Credit: <www.cloudbzz.com

Image Credit: <www.cloudbzz.com>

1. It’s called the endowment effect.It is often difficult to benchmark the quality of something. 1 We overvalue the assets we possess relative to what we would pay for them if they were not in our possession.

This is why it is so tough to find the right talent when we have open positions, and why it is so tough to let a good employee go. Ergo, despite extremely high unemployment employers are saying they can’t find talent to fill their positions.

Is the most educated workforce in our nation’s history really that underqualified – or are company talent evaluation strategies failing them?

To this point, I have been thinking an awful lot about perspective, lately. As we have more we want more. When we’ve fulfilled all of the needs we need fulfilled we invent new ones, focusing on things that may not have been important at all at some point.

Keep this in mind the next time you’re doing an interview. What about doing the job really matters?

Does the person sitting in front of you have the ability to accomplish those task?

Really look. Look hard.

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