Image Credit: <www.seoconsult.com

Image Credit: <www.seoconsult.com>

I’ve said before that life is about relationshipsPeople make decisions, and the world goes round based on those decisions.

Ergo, developing meaningful relationships with people is the surest way to find 1. And frankly, happiness.success 1 in life.

With that in mind, I want to share three simple rules of thumb about networking that have enriched the quality of my relationships with many people I’ve met over the years:

1. Be Authentic.

Don’t talk to people just because you think there is a value add in the exchange for you. Look to form relationships based in substance rather than superficiality – the exchanges you have will subsequently be higher in quality and more fulfilling.

2. Engage with those that engage.

…And by this I mean don’t waste your time trying to network with people who aren’t as invested in the exchange as you are. People spend their whole lives trying to impress people of higher status/wealth/influence than themselves – and often find that it helps them move no closer to their goals. Instead, try treating everyone like a winner. By investing in those that invest in you, over time you will lift one another up to higher places than you could have ever reached alone. To this point…

3. Put yourself out on a limb for people worthy of it.

People tend to think of networking as a means to an end. As such, they don’t invest time and resources into people that they perceive as unable to help 2. Or at least most of us.them. This line of thinking is flawed, because of course everyone 2 started at the bottom. If we’re being honest, in one instance or another we’ve all needed someone to take a flier on us. None of us started as executives, and we were all nobodies once. Remember this simple truth the next time some enthusiastic, high character kid (with seemingly nothing to offer you) asks for a few minutes of your time.

What did I get right today. What did I get wrong?

As always, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.



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