Image Credit: <pain.about.com

Image Credit: <pain.about.com>

Does It Hurt Yet? If so, that’s good; it’s supposed to.

Keep Going.

1. I am not shy (and if you follow the link to the left on introversion you will see there is a distinction). Wikipedia defines introversion as “the state of or tendency toward being wholly or predominantly concerned with and interested in one’s own mental life”. It goes on to say that “Some popular writers have characterized introverts as people whose energy tends to expand through reflection and dwindle during interaction”. That sounds about right.I am by nature an introvert. 1 I am not just a little introverted, either. Being social and interacting with people costs me an *enormous* amount of physical and emotional capital.

A few years ago I realized the compensable value of extroverted behavior, and ever since then my life’s goal has been to be the person with others that I am inside of my own head.

It has been a challenge.

Today, I left work a bit early. It was well within acceptable norms, but it was notable for me because it’s the first time I ended a workday entirely because I was emotionally (and in some ways physically) spent. I still had other things to do – I just needed to unwind and unpack.

I’ll come in early tomorrow and all will be well. I know all will be well because I am not the sum of one day’s experiences – I am the sum of both all those experiences that have come and all those yet to come (the latter of which I largely control). Ergo, I keep everything in perspective.

We all have good days and bad. Days where we are great, and days where we barely get through. The thing is (and I cannot prove this empirically): The difference between growth and stagnation is how we bounce back from the days where at the end we want to curl up.

2. I will share what it is one day, but not today.I have a goal that means absolutely everything to me. 2 I’ll reach it no matter what. When I am physically, mentally, or emotionally drained – when it hurts – I push on in the pursuit of that goal.

I say all that to say that when things are difficult don’t quit. Keep going. It’s 3. I actually recommend it. *Always* be thinking about what’s next.fine to be restless 3, but keep perspective. As long as you never lose your reputation, everything else is recoverable. You’ll be fine.

…There is a talent management lesson in here somewhere, but I can’t place it just now.

Perhaps I will tell you tomorrow. ^_^

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