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Image Credit: <www.massrelevance.com

Image Credit: <www.massrelevance.com>

…Life is about relationships.

HR Analyst John Sumser recently wrote a great article touching on some of the reasons that social recruiting hasn’t really caught on.

He makes some very good points, the most powerful of which (IMO) is that social recruiting in its present form hasn’t shown much scalability.

Ultimately, as wonderful as social media has been for the purposes of identifying talent, it hasn’t really made the outreach process any easier. Recruiters can effectively use social media channels to source candidates, but when it comes to actually developing relationships (and gauging cultural fit) social media doesn’t offer anything that more traditional recruiting channels don’t already provide.

This is one reason that even as we find more ways to automate and streamline processes, a good recruiter will always be able to find work.

Social capital is such an integral component of the human experience that those rich in it will always be an asset to firms looking for talent in the external market. This is because real relationships take time, and they take work. They are also finite.

So far social tools haven’t necessarily made the relationship building process any easier (though as stated above they have made finding talent less troublesome). 

With that said, I don’t know what the future of social recruiting looks like… not a clue. Future generations could learn to socialize in an entirely different way The data on how young people will use social media going forward has been mixed.than their forefathers. 1 If so, that will change everything.

…But I’m not convinced yet. At least for the time being, building a relationship via social media channels isn’t faster or more effective than traditional networking.

Good old fashioned human interaction (it seems) continues to rule the day.

Or do I have it wrong?

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