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Image Credit: <bigthink.com

Image Credit: <bigthink.com>

1. I apologize if that was a bit dramatic.…Is that you can’t take it with you when you die. 1

Several years back one of my finance professors in business school hammered that point home to me.

He posed a question to the class: “If you made a quarter million dollars next year, how would you spend it?”

With it being a finance class, several students talked about the various ways they would invest the money to generate maximum ROI.

The professor then selected one student and asked him what he would do with his annual earnings (assuming a constant 250k) the next year and the next year and the next etc., going on for ten or so years and calculating estimated earnings off of the annual investment strategies on the white board.

Finally he said: “If after the 10th year you died, what would you do with it the next year?”

I don’t remember what the student said (although the question itself generated both gasps and laughs from the class). What I *do* remember is the realization that money’s real value comes mostly from the happiness you purchase with it.

Make as much money as you can… but make sure that you’re happy in the process.

I go on about money a lot, but the most important thing for me is (and always has been) to be happy.

I’ve succeeded in doing this, but can’t tell you how. You’ll have to figure it out for yourself (it’s different for every person).

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