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Image Credit: <www.pickthebrain.com

Image Credit: <www.pickthebrain.com>

A senior HR leader recently conveyed to me the importance of one’s self image in determining career success. This intuitively makes sense.

As Henry Ford once said: Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.

Since our conversation I’ve paid a lot more attention to people’s limiting beliefs about themselves – and how those beliefs become self fulfilling prophecies over time.

Listening to others talk about what they can do and can’t do, I’ve come to believe that a major role of the HR Business Partner is not only to help colleagues / talent map out their careers, but also to give them a sense of what is really possible.

Unless you’re fortunate enough to fall into exceptionally favorable circumstances (either as a product of birth or good luck), you will only get what you work towards. Talent is seldom enough. Most of the time one has to fight for what they want.

By helping their colleagues / clients realize what is possible for themselves, in the process HR Business Partners help the business in a way more meaningful than any other I can think of.

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