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Image Credit: <www.health.com

Image Credit: <www.health.com>

1. This is an incredible source of strength for me most of the time, but when I am low I am low. Some of my better stories around this fact will have to wait for another day.I am a person prone to both dramatic emotional highs and lows. 1

When I was younger I had difficulty managing these emotional roller coasters, but with age I’ve learned to moderate them.

2. Warren Buffett has some great advice around just this topic.Simply put, sometimes I just drop everything and sleep. 2

The world won’t stop if sometimes you take a break – and problems have a way of seeming smaller when you wake up after a good night’s rest.

At networking events I’ve occasionally run into the “burnt out” HR person. These are people that work around the clock trying to be everything to everyone in their client group. The costs to their health and long term performance are never worth what they gain in the short term.

Pace yourself. Time is a precious commodity, but there is also a lot more of it than may sometimes appear to be the case. Spend a little bit of it on yourself every once in a while – your career will be better for it.

…And with that, I’m going to get some rest. It’s been a long week.

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